pairfum london flacon – neroli & olive perfume room spray 100ml

Pairfum London Flacon – Neroli & Olive Perfume Room Spray 100ml

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  • the distilled fragrance of the Mediterranean: a sophisticated accord built around the vibrant citrus notes of neroli, pomelo and lime and yet softened with jasmine petals. Vetiver, patchouli and leather add depth and complete the sensation of walking through an olive grove on a warm, sunny day.
  • Natural 'Eau de Toilette' Room Spray. A natural couture perfume for your home. Intensely fragrances with natural/organic essential oils. 2 applications (or sprays) will perfume your room for between 4 - 8 hours (in an un-vented room)
  • in a typical household, this perfume bottle of room spray will last for up to 12 months (normal usage), which is much longer than most room sprays or an aerosol air freshener.
  • When spraying, you will notice how the mist simply floats and diffuses instead of dropping to the floor, leaving you with a beautifully infused room. You will be surprised at how superior the performance of Pairfum Flacon is compared with the many cheap room sprays or aerosol air fresheners where a cloud of water droplets fall ineffectively to the floor.
  • made with 100% natural & biodegradable alcohol from sugar (molasses), i.e. renewable CO2 neutral - non-toxic - non-carcinogenic lovingly handmade by artisans in our studios in the United Kingdom the glass perfume Facon is decorated with a silkscreen print of an original, hand-drawn illustration 100% vegan and no animal testing