sol de janeiro brazilian joia dry shampoo 113g

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Joia Dry Shampoo 113g

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Treat your locks to that freshly washed feel with the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Joia Dry Shampoo. Formulated to re-energise the hair on non-wash days, the dry shampoo is enriched with Brazilian kaolin clay, helping to cleanse the locks from root to tip.

Rice starch features to target the build-up of excess oil while pro-vitamin B5 helps to give the hair a boost of nutrients and promote hydration. Infused with a delicious scent, the non-sticky formula delights the senses while getting to work refreshing both hair and scalp.

How to use: 

Shake extremely well. Section hair and apply to roots, holding the bottle 5 to 8 inches away. Allow dry shampoo to “sit” for at least 30 seconds to allow the ingredients to wick away oil and impurities. Brush or shake out your hair — and enjoy strands that are so cheirosa.