pairfum london flacon – magnolias in bloom perfume room spray 100ml

Pairfum London Flacon – Magnolias in Bloom Perfume Room Spray 100ml

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  • a spring flowers accord with the fresh top note of ozone, soft white flower petals and a hint of watery melon. The heart is complex and floral with magnolia, lily, geranium, rose and violet, while the base shines with musks and warm rosewood.
  • Natural 'Eau de Toilette' Room Spray. A natural couture perfume for your home. Intensely fragrances with natural/organic essential oils. 2 applications (or sprays) will perfume your room for between 4 - 8 hours (in an un-vented room)
  • in a typical household, this perfume bottle of room spray will last for up to 12 months (normal usage), which is much longer than most room sprays or an aerosol air freshener.
  • When spraying, you will notice how the mist simply floats and diffuses instead of dropping to the floor, leaving you with a beautifully infused room. You will be surprised at how superior the performance of Pairfum Flacon is compared with the many cheap room sprays or aerosol air fresheners where a cloud of water droplets fall ineffectively to the floor.
  • made with 100% natural & biodegradable alcohol from sugar (molasses), i.e. renewable CO2 neutral - non-toxic - non-carcinogenic lovingly handmade by artisans in our studios in the United Kingdom the glass perfume Facon is decorated with a silkscreen print of an original, hand-drawn illustration 100% vegan and no animal testing