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Filorga - 'Scrub & Mask' Exfoliating Bubble Mask 55ML

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A dual-action exfoliating mask to oxygenate tired, dull complexions and reveal new skin. Perlite spheres gently exfoliate the skin while a proteolytic enzyme enhances the natural shedding of the skin for an intensive new-skin effect. Following the initial scrub phase, this youth-boosting mask transforms into an active mousse: micro-bubbles of oxygen are released to enable suffocated skin to breathe. Delivering instant results, skin is left feeling tighter and smoother, restoring a healthy-looking radiance to the face with the appearance of pores visibly reduced. How to use: Massage gently on a clean face. When the scrub is completed, leave on: the texture transforms into an active mousse. When the bubbles have disappeared, rinse off. Suitable for all skin types Targets the pore and the texture of the skin Pores are tightened Skin texture is refined and smoothed Reoxygenates skin Improves the radiance 55 ML