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Decléor Neroli Bigarade Hydrating Night Balm 15ml (Dehydrated Skin)

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  • A 100% natural balm to hydrate and revive tired-looking skin. Suitable for all skin types and preservative-free. Also ideal to use as an SOS for insect bites, in-grown hairs and burns, and for nourishing the tips of your hair.
  • This invigorating and nourishing balm works at night when the skin is most receptive to help maintain the balance and radiance of tired-looking skin. Ideal for use whenever skin needs a boost, it has a sensual, calming scent which is perfect for relaxing the senses before you sleep.

How to use:

  • 1. At night, warm a small amount of balm in the palms of your hands
  • 2. Inhale the aroma of your deliciously-scented balm
  • 3. Apply to your cleansed face and neck, by massaging gently