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STARSKIN Lifting Lace™ Sculpting Face Mask

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  • Target sagging skin with the STARSKIN Lifting Lace Sculpting Face Mask; an elegant lace sheet mask that sits securely on the face and works to simulate a natural facelift. Woven with breathable, stretch cotton fibres, the mask delivers a tightening effect that visibly transforms sagging skin.
  • Arriving as the first waterless, lace face mask on the market, STARSKIN's innovative sculpting treatment is designed to improve facial definition by visibly sculpting and reshaping the visage and jawline. The medical science inspired mask is drenched in a waterless serum, which is enriched with an array of anti-ageing, skin sculpting actives that target skin suffering from the loss of elasticity.
  • The V-shape compression mask works tirelessly for fifteen minutes, then can simply be removed to reveal a more defined and toned appearance that is visibly firm and contoured.
  • Free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, silicone, alcohol and synthetic dyes.


Cleanse face and pat dry. Remove mask and carefully unfold. Peel off the protective layer and discard. Place mask with the smoother side on the face. Adjust the mask over the eyes, nose and mouth to fit. Gently stretch and fasten loops over each ear. Pull chin straps under the chin and loop theB29: F29m over each ear for a tight fit. Leave on for 15 min and discard. Gently pat remaining serum into skin. Do not rinse.