skinChemists London Vitamin Serum 30ml

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Multivitamin serum 50ml is a fantastic combination of vitamins and hydrating agents, which helps your skin against everyday damage and leave the smoothest complexion. Provides hydration and nourishment that enrich deep within your skin to give you a radiant complexion. Multivitamin serum 30ml is a revolutionary combination of vitamins, which helps your skin against everyday damage. Contains vitamins a, c d and e to help increase skin's recovery, giving your skin all the nourishments it needs. It works also to diminish the look of tiredness, helping to support natural collagen levels and microcirculation in order to leave your skin looking and feeling hydrated and rejuvenated. Also improve skin's elasticity and texture, thanks to its anti-ageing effect. The hydrating effect gives you also that 'wow' factor that you are looking for!