skinChemists London Essential Hydrating Facial Serum 30ml

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Specially formulated to help dry, irritated or blemished skin, Essential Hydrating Facial Serum has been formulated to nourish, hydrate and protect the skin-soothing aggressions and working towards healthier, smoother skin.

The British brand SkinChemists is synonymous with intelligent skincare design born with tradition. Working with leading pharmacists, chemists, scientists and beauticians worldwide, SkinChemists develops revolutionary and effective skincare treatments.

The main ingredients in Essential Hydrating Facial Serum are :
✔ Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant to protect from oxidative stress, the main cause of the signs of ageing
✔ Aloe Vera soothes dry irritated skin while aiming to reduce puffiness and dark circles
✔ Allantoin to deeply moisturize the skin
✔ AA2G is activated by natural skin enzymes aiming to improve overall skin health