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NIOD RE: Pigment Serum 15ml

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Rediscover bright, even-toned skin with NIOD RE: Pigment Serum, a lightweight solution that uses advanced biotechnology and peptide technology to fight hyperpigmentation.

Working to visibly counteract dark spots and pigmentation, the highly-saturated serum utilises a multi-pathway approach for optimum results, and combines a complex of active brightening technologies to promote a brighter-looking, unified complexion, including: Diglucosyl Gallic Acid, an ingredient more potent than Kojic Acid in visible brightening, and a high concentration of White Shiitake Ferment which targets dark spots with visible results in less than a week.
With continued use, the emollient serum will leave the skin looking brighter and more uniform. 

Vegan. Cruelty-free.

Free from alcohol, silicones, nuts and gluten.


Shake lightly. Apply serum to face AM and PM. If used as part of a NIOD regimen, apply after CAIS but before MMHC. Avoid unprotected UV exposure when using this formula.