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NIOD Elasticity Catalyst Neck Serum 100ml

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NIOD Elasticity Catalyst Neck Serum is a non-invasive anti-ageing formula that utilises a host of intelligent technologies to help increase and protect visible skin elasticity.

Contributing to the increase and strengthening of elastin on slackened skin, the serum targets necklines and sagging to help improve elasticity and density, both on and below the skin's surface.

Key Technologies:

Pro-Elastin and Pro-Elastic-Fibre Technologies:
These technologies help increase and strengthen elastin. They support cellular cohesion, strengthen elastic fibre and restore elastin protein synthesis for a visible increase in skin viscoelastic properties.

Anti-Elastase and Anti-Progerin Technologies:
Elastase is an enzyme that breaks down elastin; these technologies inhibit the performance of elastase to help counteract sagginess that occurs when elastin breaks down.

Dermal and Subcutaneous Density Technologies:
These technologies work to increase visible skin density on and below the surface. Caffeine, Carnitine and Bitter Ginger create a 'push-pull' effect to keep skin 'active'. This counter-intuitive approach enhances visible tone by increasing and decreasing fluid motion simultaneously; this 'push-pull' action improves skin density and surface evenness because the fluids are distributed more evenly. 


If used as part of a NIOD regimen, apply to the neck and lower face areas in the morning and evening in this order after cleaning: CAIS, MMHC, NEC.

If used as part of another skincare regimen, apply after serums but before any heavier creams. If NIOD HV is used, it should be applied after NEC.
Massage thoroughly for 10-20 seconds onto the neck and lower face areas after each application.