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Hand Chemistry Heel Hydration Complex 100ml

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Say goodbye to dry heels with the Heel Hydration Complex from The Chemistry Brand. Specially formulated to hydrate cracked skin topically whilst rebalancing hydration below the surface to prevent the traditional hard skin cycle.

Made using an innovative complex that contains 19.5% active ingredients, the cream contains tremella fuciformis, a biotechnological derivative of the mushroom which has shown to be 400 times more moisturising than hyaluronic acid, as well as purified calendula extract to soothe your skin.

Containing maize propanediol which forms a hydrating barrier over your skin to prevent moisture loss, the cream will increase skin hydration by as much as 90% in as little as 14 days. Free from acids and urea, it will leave your feet feeling smooth, soft and supple. - L.M.

Directions for Use:

  • Apply twice a day to dehydrated areas for 14 days
  • Continue application if needed
  • Can be used on the heels, elbows, hands and other areas suffering from extreme dryness