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Hand Chemistry Glow-Oil 100ml

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Achieve sunless radiance with The Chemistry Brand's Glow Oil, hydrating dry oil for the legs, body and face that delivers an immediate and long-lasting golden glow.

DHA-free, the lightweight self-tan alternative absorbs quickly into the skin, dispersing tiny golden prisms to create a golden, sunkissed colour. Infused with raspberry-based keto-sugar, the dry oil will form a lasting glow after two to three days of use.

DHA-free. Fast absorbing. 

  • Shake well before use to disperse 'invisible' golden prisms evenly.
  • Apply on body areas.
  • Within the first three days, use once or twice daily.
  • Afterwards, use once daily or less to maintain desired radiance.
  • Glow Oil can be mixed with moisturisers if desired.
  • This product is an alternative to self-tan. Please wash hands after application to avoid undesired staining.