DECLÉOR Neroli Bigarade Night Balm (Dehydrated Skin) 15ml

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This product used to be called 'Aromessence Neroli Amara Night Balm. The Brand updating the packaging.

Note: French name on pack: Baume de Nuit Neroli Bigarade

This invigorating and nourishing balm works at night when skin is most receptive to help maintain the balance and radiance of tired-looking skin.

Hydrate and calm the skin

Basil Essential oil to purify the skin

100% Natural to comfort dry skin and leave a soft, bright complexion

Suitable for all skin types.

Free from preservatives. 

How to use:

Step 1. Take a small amount (2 grains of rice) and rub between the palms of your hands.
Step 2. Take 3 deep breaths with your eyes closed.
Step 3. Rub the hands on the face and neck slowly to allow the balm to fully sink into your skin. Avoid eye contour.