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Crystal Clear Beach Glow Tan Drops 30ml

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  • Achieve a sun-kissed appearance with the Crystal Clear Beach Glow Tan Drops; a customisable, easy-to-use formula that should be added to moisturiser or night cream to promote a healthy glow, without damaging or ageing skin prematurely.
  • Infused with Coconut Oil and DHA Plus (a scientific, breakthrough ingredient), the luxurious tanning drops soften and moisturise skin, whilst delivering natural-looking colour with lasting results and no unpleasant aroma. Vary the number of drops to achieve your desired colour.


Cleanse and exfoliate before application to remove any build-up of dead skin. Easy to use, simply mix 2 or 3 drops with your normal moisturiser to achieve your desired shade.

Do not use Tan Drops neat on the skin. Drop daily into your existing moisturiser for a beautiful radiant glow.

Use 2 drops for a subtle light golden sun-kissed look, or use 3 drops for golden brown and 4 drops if you want a darker intense tan.