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Collistar Face Magic Drops Self-Tanning Concentrate 30ml

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What we say Hello golden glow – in less than one hour. Collistar have upgraded the traditional tanning agent DHA with walnut husk extract to deliver a self-tan that works fast to deliver even, streak-free colour. Having tried and tested every tan on the market we love the healthy hint of colour these drops give our skin.

A few drops is all it takes and, as if by magic, your skin is instantly golden.

In less than an hour COLLISTAR Face Magic Drops transforms into an intense and radiant tan as if you had spent a day at the beach or had a session on a UVA sunbed. This is thanks to its exclusive formula which combines walnut husk extract with the innovative DHA Rapid, a next-generation self-tanning molecule that halves skin colouring times and guarantees a fast, natural and even result, without any risk of unsightly blemishes.

Suitable for all skin types.


Clean and dry your face, neck and décolleté. Evenly apply a few drops of COLLISTAR Face Magic Drops. Wash your hands immediately after use. For impeccable results, carry out a light scrub on the face and neck before applying the cream.