collistar body-legs magic drops self-tanning concentrate 125ml

Collistar Body-Legs Magic Drops Self-Tanning Concentrate 125ml

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A few drops of COLLISTAR Body-Legs Magic Drops is all it takes and, as if by magic, in less than an hour your skin has an intense and radiant tan as if you had spent a day at the beach or had a session on a UVA sunbed.

This is thanks to its exclusive formula which maximises the incredible properties of the innovative DHA Rapid which halves skin colouring times and guarantees particularly fast, natural and even results, without any risk of unsightly blemishes. Light, silky and delicately perfumed with strong moisturising and elasticising properties, COLLISTAR Body-Legs Magic Drops are easy to apply all over the body and they are instantly absorbed so you can get dressed immediately.

All skin types.

Thoroughly clean and dry your body and legs. Apply COLLISTAR Body-Legs Magic Drops evenly. Wash your hands immediately after use.