Pairfum London The Snow Crystal Candle‘Eau de Parfum’ Orangerie Blossoms 200g

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Natural Fragranced Candles.

The Snow Crystal Candle by Pairfum London.

TheseEau de Toilettefragranced candles will envelop your home with beautiful natural perfume. Simply light them and enjoy a most sensuous atmosphere.

The Snow Crystal Candle is unique in using the world’s cleanest burning natural candle wax for a purer and more intense perfume bloom.


  • the most beautifully clean burn for 40 – 50 hrs ( burn time ) from stearin candle wax. No other wax burns cleaner.
  • an Eau de Toilette in the form of a scented candle with natural/organic essential oils,
  • two wicks to ensure the fragrance candle burns down evenly ( right to the bottom ),
  • a healthy candle, both for you and the environment,
  • 100% natural and biodegradable wax ( CO2 neutral ),
  • each candle has its own unique crystal structure in the wax,
  • non-toxic and non-carcinogenic,
  • made with wax sourced from old and sustainably managed farms,
  • with a natural cotton wick that is free from metal filaments for a non-carcinogenic and clean burn,
  • handmade + gift-wrapped by our skilled artisan craftsmen and women in our Atelier in the United Kingdom,
  • fill 200g / 7 ounce of pure and perfumed candle wax,
  • deeply and highly scented: the same high fragrance loading as an Eau de Toilette, homogenously scented from top to bottom,
  • 100% vegan,
  • no genetically modified organisms used, and
  • no Pairfum London product was tested on animals.